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County Head: Puerto Lopez
Founding Date: August 31, 1994
Province: Manabi
Location: South of the province of Manabi, Ecuadorian Coast
Population: about 16,000 inhabitants
Rivers: Ayampe, Río Blanco, Guale, Jipijapa, Río Plátano, Dos Ríos
Highest Mountain: Bola de Oro at 800 meters, Machalilla National Park
Climate: Humid Tropical

Puerto Lopez is a small fishing village on a circular bay on the Pacific coast of Ecuador located in the extreme south-west of the province of Manabi and is considered a nature, tourism and agricultural center. Puerto Lopez is the home to Machalilla National Park with 55,095 hectares of protected land and has a population of 16,000 inhabitants.

Towards the east, off the coast of Puerto Lopez, is La Isla de la Plata, which is home to some bird species that also inhabit the Galapagosislands such as “Piqueros” (masked and blue-footed boobies) and a colony oftropical frigate birds “frigate”. La Isla de la Plata has two walking trails, trail “Punta Machete” and trail “Punta Escalera”, with differing degrees of difficulty.  Snorkeling on a coral reef is offered just off the island.

Puerto Lopez is near Machalilla National Park,which is home to a beautiful set of beaches called “Los Frailes.”

From Puerto Lopez, daily tours take off to the “Isla de la Plata” and observation tours of humpback whales (June to October season).  During this time of year the huge humpback whales mate come to the warm waters of Puerto Lopez to play, mate,and calve their young, so the odds of seeing whales are quite good.


Whale watching season (June to September)

In the months of June to September, humpback whales, reaching the coast of Ecuador to play, mainly in the Machalilla National Park off the coast of the town of Puerto Lopez.


Puerto Lopez

Seasons: January to June: Little rain,very sunny. July to December: little sunshine and cold drizzle
Temperature: 26 degrees Celsius average
Time zone: 5:00 GMT
Official Languages: Spanish. In business and tourist establishments offer English, French, Italian, and German
Currency: U.S. Dollar
Machalilla National Park Area: 55,095 hectares
Banks: Pichincha, Rumiñahui. From Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 15:00
Telephone: Country code +593, area code 5
Voltage: 110 V

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Puerto Lopez - Manabi - Ecuador.